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Russ the Intern, Cam and the Kids, Busy Wednesday Recap

B efore we get into this edition of BBR This Morning, a brief introduction:

One of the many pleasant surprises we’ve had since launching in April has been the amount of offers from people hoping to get involved. And not folks just looking for work, but mostly those who believe in what we’re trying to do. Thank you to all who have reached out, not just for your interest, but for your understanding of our plans to build with patience.

Over the next few months, we will be slowly adding content from a number of contributors, from writers to data wizards. Some will be in a one-off capacity, others in more of a formal role. All will have backgrounds in the specific content they’re providing.

Our first foray into opening up things a bit is the addition of an intern. Russell Burton is a senior communication studies and journalism student at UNC Charlotte. The aspiring sports reporter is also a daily editorial assistant at SportsBusiness Daily.

He came on board recently without any promises, and he’s quickly impressed as someone who ‘gets it.’

Wednesday night, we sent him to gather pictures, videos and quotes from the event below. He then wrote up a brief recap of Cam and the kids.

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Offseason workouts wrap-up Thursday with the final of three minicamp practices. In an effort to take the high-noon heat off the players, and to give them a head-start on their summer vacation, the session was shifted to 9:45 a.m., a half-hour earlier than originally scheduled.

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