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Brenton Bersin, Brian Folkerts Donate Hair to Wigs for Kids

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  • Carolina Panthers receiver Brenton Bersin and center Brian Folkerts had their first haircuts in years Wednesday at Bank of America Stadium. Bersin hadn’t had his golden locks trimmed since 2012, while it had been four years for Folkerts.
  • The two came up with the idea to cut their hair for charity before the 2013 season. They eventually connected with Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit that has been serving children who have suffered from hair loss since 1981.
  • Wesley Thornburg and Jeramiah Karriker, oncology patients at Carolinas HealthCare System’s Levine Children’s Hospital, helped cut the players’ ponytails.
  • Bersin and Folkerts then had their new looks styled by Dolce Lusso Salon & Day Spa, the same folks who beautify the TopCats.

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