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What’s That Smell? Cam Newton Launches Cologne Campaign

B roadway Joe, meet Ace Boogie.Cam Newton’s nickname may not be traditional, but neither is he. An African-American playing quarterback for one of the largest cities in the South. That city and an ever-growing fan base embracing the confident son of a preacher who showed up to his job with a briefcase full of controversy. That could have never happened 40 years ago.Back then, a guy like Joe Namath was an advertiser’s dream: A charismatic playboy quarterback playing in the world’s biggest city.He had a bundle of sponsors, including L’Oreal. They put him in an ad for Brut. It looked like this:Brut JoeSince then, L’Oreal hadn’t used another quarterback as a spokesman. Until now. It looks like this:cam-newton-ad01Newton has become the brightest star in his adopted state. Now he’s adding a cologne to his collection of sponsors with names like Gatorade and Under Armour.On Friday, L’Oreal is officially unveiling Newton as the face of its new campaign for Drakkar Essence.It’s another sign his popularity is inching closer to Namath-like levels. Newton packed his summer schedule with shoots and appearances knowing full well he’s going to hear about it.”Every time you see me on a magazine, I can guarantee it that someone’s going to tape it to my locker,” the Panthers’ quarterback said in an interview with ‘Women’s Wear Daily.’That’s right; he’s an NFL player hawking a fragrance for a publication marketed to women. He’s also bringing back some gifts for his buddies.What’s that smell?“Everyone who comes out of the locker room is going to smell like new money,” Newton said.Exactly.


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Last month we wrote the Panthers wouldn’t be holding their traditional practice at this year’s Fan Fest. Details of the event have finally been ironed out, and a two-hour practice will be included in next Friday’s festivities.

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  1. I’m not a fan of Matt Miller – he includes political statements mixed in with his NFL analysis.  I’m sure he is good at what he does, but the PC BS just completely turns me off.

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