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Election 2016: Carolina Panthers Edition – The Results Are In

NOTE: This was close throughout the day until Davis pulled away late to win by just 35 votes.

NOTE: Kalil came in at 39% with Olsen at 38%. Margin of victory: 6 votes. (Editorial: Remmers got hosed.) 

NOTE: Would've put money on Norwell, but his linemate ran away with it by 35%.

NOTE: Most in locker room would probably pick Webb, but Newton gets some good news after his crushing loss in the race for mayor.

NOTE: Remember when the Bucs made for a good rivalry?

NOTE: That loss in Week 1 will sting for a while. 

NOTE: Fair. This is fair. 

NOTE: That a punter came in second says a lot about the first eight games. 

NOTE: Wonder where the Raiders game would've fallen if this was asked before the season.

NOTE: Keeping the faith.

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