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Ed Dickson on Carolina Panthers’ Quarterback Cam Newton: “I’ll Follow Him Anytime”

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While Dickson has a chance to contribute immediately, there was something else that helped draw him to the Panthers. It wasn’t just a new start and a chance to play with a dynamic, young quarterback.”I looked at the defense and it reminded me of a younger Baltimore team,” Dickson told Greif. “When we were great and in the playoffs every single year doing all these things it reminds me of a young Baltimore. That excites me. When you have a defense like that you can win multiple championships.”As good as the Panthers defense has been and could be, comparing them to the imposing Ravens’ units that helped win the 2012 Super Bowl is heady stuff. But it could also be the kind of veteran-inspired confidence that could go a long way in the development of a young locker room.


Dickson also talked to KEZI-TV, repeating his praise of Newton and the Panthers’ defense.

Another former Oregon Duck, Kenjon Barner, also spoke with KEZI. The Carolina running back shared a great story about something Newton did before last year’s Panthers’ game in Arizona.


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