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Quotes to Note: Two Terrible Plays, Newton’s Struggles, Olsen’s Record and Benjamin’s Effort

After the Panthers had cut the Falcons lead to 10 early in the fourth quarter, Carolina allowed Atlanta running back Tevin Coleman to break off a 31-yard gain on third-and-21. A play later, Coleman went 55 yards down the sideline to put the Panthers in a 17-point hole.

“We had an opportunity on third and long, and we get out-leveraged on the flat, and they get the first down and that kind of took the wind out of our sails,” coach Ron Rivera said. “We had some good momentum. We drove down and unfortunately we didn’t make the play.”



Panthers Safety Tre Boston


Re: Coleman’s touchdown run

I should’ve made the tackle.

Re: If he thought James Bradberry was going to tackle Coleman

I did. I thought James was going to make the tackle. I’m a little beat up, so I thought I could let it fall right in front of me. It didn’t happen like that. You have to go attack things. You have to make a play.


Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan


RE: On that third-down play, is there a receiver you look for first? Is it Coleman?

We had Julio going down the middle, and obviously, that’s number one for us, but they certainly accounted for him and accounted for Josh Perkins, and you lose number three in that look for us, but it shook out kind of as we anticipated at that down and distance.




RE: Was there a blown coverage on third down?

Yep, we allowed ourselves to get out-leveraged. At that point what you really want them to do is throw the ball in front of you and that’s unfortunate. We just didn’t stay where we were supposed to.

RE: What happened on the Coleman touchdown?

Tre Boston is playing there with a bad knee and he is coming to try and make a play. James Bradberry is trying to strip the ball. I’d much rather see him just jump on the back of his legs and just tackle him as opposed to trying to strip the ball. We missed it right there.

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