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Greg Hardy Turns Over Weapons to Sheriff’s Office

After dimissing a restraning order request against Panthers’ defensive end Greg Hardy Thursday, Mecklenburg County District Court Judge Becky Thorne Tin ordered him to hand over all of his firearms.Friday afternoon, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office released a list of weapons Hardy surrendered. A mix of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, Hardy owned them all legally under North Carolina laws. [vc_row_inner no_margin=”true” padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px” border=”none”][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″]          MAKE

  • Tavor
  • L1A1
  • POF
  • ISSC
  • SSAR
  • ISSC

[vc_column_inner width=”1/3″]         MODEL

  • SAR
  • P-415
  • MK-22
  • SBS
  • MK-22
  • AKMS
  • 590
  • M-4

[vc_column_inner width=”1/3″]         CALIBER

  • 223
  • 308
  • 22
  • 9MM
  • 22
  • 12AA
  • 7.62
  • 12AA
  • 12AA

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  • Go_Daddy_Go

    BlackBlueReview Well now I know who’s condo I am going to during the Zombie Appcolapse

  • TheKurb

    BlackBlueReview note, these are all semiautomatic

  • P8aer

    BlackBlueReview google images only let you down on one so not too bad. The benelli is a shotgun you.

  • Eersportsnation

    macwfnz billvoth everyone in West Virginia is thinking………”that’s it????” our women have more guns then that

  • frankgarcia65

    macwfnz billvoth Godzilla>Kraken he was preparing for battle

  • KBriceJr

    frankgarcia65 macwfnz billvoth Plenty of people collect guns what’s the big deal.

  • frankgarcia65

    KBriceJr macwfnz billvoth the big deal is they aren’t being accused of making threats with them if they are then that’s a big deal too

  • GaryJohnston1

    LOL at the “Benelli M-4.”

  • TiredOfApathy

    I like his taste in weapons, not scary at all. Now his temper towards women…..that needs addressing, the part about his firearms is irrelevant in this story, I didn’t read that he threatened to shoot her, did you?

  • billvoth

    frankgarcia65 KBriceJr macwfnz totally get it. our forefathers may have been thinking about muskets, but caches like that are the same.

  • gvw3

    Some nice guns there. I don’t see why some people think this is a big deal. He likes guns. I am sure there are people that have a lot more than this. This is the USA not some communist country. They are legal to own where he lives.

  • billvoth

    TiredOfApathy  yes, that is one of her accusations.

  • Sleeping with El Diablo

    gvw3 You don’t see why some people think this is a big deal?  Well, for starters he shoved a woman on to the couch full of these weapons.  Most rational and intelligent people would see that as a threat.

  • janklow

    yeah, that’s not a Benelli M4.

  • TiredOfApathy

    A restraining order on Hardy was dismissed Thursday after Holder failed to show up in court. And according to other sources she may of bee the aggressor. For all we know she went UN_BA_WEAVE_ABLE on him while we was cleaning his guns or getting ready to go out shooting. The man has a hobby so again we got no idea, only this Media crazed claim that a man has “10 military” style guns BE SCARED JOE PUBLIC BE SCARED!. I had a crazy girlfriend once who called saying I hit her. When I left her she threatened to get me since I was seeing a younger, prettier model. Well her parents were both attorneys and so she knew how to hurt me. A restraining order automatically takes your weapons away. She knew my babies would be going and it would hurt. Once in court she knew I was serious since I didn’t go empty handed, I had every txt saved showing her malice and my pleas for her to cease and desist. I also had several ex-girlfriends write talking about my character and all of them agreed to go to court since I am the opposite of what she said. Well she didn’t show and it still took 90 days to get everything back. Nothing happened to her for filing a bogus report. Look I get that society must error on the side of caution and taking weapons to be safe is good so don’t get me wrong, it just sucks when some women play to hurt you in this way. If she was playing like this, she ruined not just his hobby but his reputation, his possible ability to earn a living and to have teams see him as a good person. I mean really MOST people here already pre-judged him as a bad guy, like he’s Ray Rice or another Ocho Cinco! WE DON’T KNOW YET SO WE SHOULD CHILLAX AND FIND OUT FIRST BEFORE CONDEMNING HIM! I had cops willing to testify that the night she called she was crazy and even threatened them with reporting them as fondlers if I was arrested….all because I left and decided to date a 20 yr old and was not going back to her ever. Some women are nuts people, so we should wait to see how this turns out. In any case, him having weapons is no big deal, unless we find truth to her claims and so far she aint even showing up!

    • gwvogtsr

      men are guilty till proven innocent in domestic courts, it the liberal way

  • sodom_no_youzou

    we_pug 銃集めが趣味ってちょいちょい出てくるイメージです。そういえば前に教えてもらったメンタルの本タイトルなんでしたっけ?SAS式みたいな

  • we_pug

    sodom_no_youzou さっきの選手がもってたの戦争用の重火器みたいなやつやで

  • sodom_no_youzou

    we_pug 本ありがとうございます!それ趣味の域こえてますね。なんで集めてたんですかね

  • ps37vs4and5

    Sleeping with El Diablo gvw3  There’s no proof he actually did that, and she didn’t show up in court, so the case was automatically thrown out. Innocent until proven guilty.