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23 Bizarre and Important Quotes From the Greg Hardy Trial

“Oh my god, there’s so many guns.”

— Christina Lawrence, state witness, on her first impressions of Greg Hardy’s apartment.

“I didn’t see anything.”

— Lawrence, who testified she heard Hardy “bodyslamming” Nicole Holder.

“She said, ‘He hasn’t seen crazy yet.'”

— Laura Iwanicki, Holder’s friend and co-worker, on what Holder told her while they were out the night of May 12.

“I plead the Fifth.”

— Iwanicki, on if she snorted cocaine with Holder that night.

“He was my best friend. Then when I moved in with him, he was very controlling and manipulative.”

— Holder, Hardy’s accuser and ex-girlfriend.

“To top everything off, a Nelly song came on.”

— Holder, who had a brief relationship with the rapper Nelly, describing how her and an upset Hardy left an uptown Charlotte club in the early morning hours of May 13.

“He looked me in my eyes and he told me he was going to kill me. I was so scared I wanted to die. When he loosened his grip slightly, I said, ‘Just do it. Kill me.’ At that point I accepted I was going to die.”

— Holder, on what happened when they went back to Hardy’s apartment.

“I thought high-profile people get away with stuff like this. He’s Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers.”

— Holder, on why she ran from police.

“He had told me in past if I took food out of his family’s mouth he was going to kill me.”

— Holder, on why she refused to give a statement to police at the scene.

“You didn’t even break a fingernail, did you?”

— Chris Fialko, Hardy’s attorney, cross-examining Holder.

“Uh, I did break a fingernail, a toenail.”

— Holder.

“The weed flew out of my car.”

— Holder, describing why police found marijuana outside her car after an accident in the early morning hours of March 20.

“It was never about money.”

— Holder, when asked if Hardy’s $13 million contract made it important for her to be his girlfriend.

“Is it fair to say you were trying to hook up with Laura that night?”

— Fialko, to Sammy Curtis, Hardy’s business manager.

“Yes sir.”

— Curtis.

“Are you going to play for the Carolina Panthers this season?”

— Fialko, to Hardy.

“Yessir, hopefully.”

— Hardy.

“I told her I couldn’t keep arguing like this. I had to focus on football.”

— Hardy, on why he broke up with Holder at the Pro Bowl.

“Did you continue to hook up with her?”

— Fialko, to Hardy.


— Hardy.

“In this day and age, ‘hooking up’ means having sexual relations?”

— Fialko.


— Hardy.

“You had alcohol.”

— Jamie Adams, state’s attorney, cross-examining Hardy.



“Is champagne alcohol.”

— Adams.

“You tell me.”

— Hardy.

“OK we’ll move on.”

— Adams.

“I brushed my teeth. I sleep in my socks, so I put socks on.”

— Hardy, describing how he got ready for bed in the early morning hours of May 13.

“I never thought she’d ever go that far. When she hit me, I was in shock. I don’t fight. I don’t even fight dudes.”

— Hardy, on what happened after he and Holder got into an argument.

“The court is entirely convinced Hardy is guilty of assault on a female and communicating threats.”

— Mecklenburg District Judge Becky Thorne Tin, announcing verdict.

“Chris (Fialko) will have something for you guys.”

— Drew Rosenhaus, Hardy’s agent, declining comment while leaving the courthouse with Hardy.

“We respect the judge’s decision today. But Greg Hardy will now have a jury trial, a brand-new jury trial, and we’re confident he will be acquitted on both of these charges.”

— Fialko, to media afterward.

“We have just learned of the verdict and are respectful of the process. We do not have a comment at this time.”

— Carolina Panthers, in a statement.

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