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Marty Hurney on Greg Hardy is Worth a Listen

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When Hardy May Face Discipline From The NFL

“Normally, the league’s stance is they don’t address anything until the legal process concludes. Part of that legal process is the appeal process. So if they follow what they usually do, I don’t think the league will get involved in this until the appeal process is through. Could they come out and say he was found guilty and have Roger Goodell address it right now? They could, but I don’t think they have in the past.”

When Hardy May Face Discipline From The Panthers

“The Panthers like taking care of their own house. Mr. Richardson likes taking care of his own problems. Could they suspend Greg Hardy for two to four games and say, ‘Listen, conduct detrimental because the situation you put yourself in put our organization in a bad light.’ Could they do it? They could. The league would discourage them from doing that, and I’ve been on the other end of the phone. But if the Panthers and Mr. Richardson feel like that’s the thing to do, they could do that.”

Why The Panthers May Hesitate To Discipline Hardy

1.) “As soon as they do that, the NFL Players Association would likely file a grievance, an expedited grievance. It would be heard by an arbitrator on the basis you’re innocent until proven guilty. And I think at that point, if the grievance is found in Greg Hardy’s favor, now he’s back in the locker room, he’s back with the team, and it’s probably even more of a distraction than it even was.”

2.) “I can’t tell you how much the league wants to handle this. The system is set up where the league wants to handle player discipline. They don’t want the Panthers to come in and take it on because they know that legally it’s much tighter if Roger Goodell comes in after the process is done.”

Why Hardy’s Sarcastic Answers About Champagne May Have Upset The Panthers

“It’s respect, not only to the person asking the question, but to everybody, to the city. You’re in this situation, now don’t make it worse. Don’t get cute, don’t give a cute answer. I’ve heard that time and time again. Don’t get cute, just be respectful and be direct.”

Why Hardy’s Arrest Had No Bearing On Him Getting A Long-Term Deal

“I was a little bit surprised (Tuesday) when people were making a big deal out of the 15th being the last day the Panthers could extend Greg. Well, they had never talked an extension. It was their intent from day one to do a one-year deal with him. You can look at the contract, by advancing him a million dollars of his 13 million-dollar base said that. There were never any discussions about a long-term deal.”

Why Hardy’s Situation Matters So Much To The Panthers 

“I feel badly for the Panthers and Mr. Richardson just because I know, more than any other team in the league, this affects them more. It’s so important for the employees and the players to represent the organization, the city, the region. That’s stressed from day one. There’s isn’t an organization that cares more about it.”


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8 thoughts on “Marty Hurney on Greg Hardy is Worth a Listen”

  1. I may have spoke too soon on Greg Hardy…..this doe seem to be a problem for him staying a Panther. You can’t have player feeling that they are above the law & keep them humble for the long haul.

  2. I just read the champagne comment. Hardy wasn’t being cute, the lawyer was! Asking if champagne is alcohol?. The lawyer is trying to paint a picture that Hardy was slamming liquor all night which just isn’t the same as drinking champagne.

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