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Newton’s Decision: Keep Showcasing Talents in the Carolinas

O n the day LeBron James grabbed the world’s attention by announcing his return to his hometown, Cam Newton continued building roots in his adopted hometown. Or to be more exact, his adopted region.The Panthers’ quarterback kicked off his foundation’s IMG_20140711_134712338inaugural 7-on-7 national championship tournament in Fort Mill, S.C. Friday. And while James’s announcement made him king of Northeast Ohio again, Newton’s efforts further solidified his role in the Carolinas.“For me to give back to my community in a positive way, that’s what it’s all about,” Newton said. “I see so much of myself in these kids. My job right now is to give these kids an opportunity for hope, more than anything, to take their talent and use it in a positive way.”For the high school players from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, the two-day tournament is a chance to get noticed by college recruiters. But one quarterback’s name was immediately recognizable.Caylin Newton, Cam Newton’s 15-year-old brother, quarterbacked the team from Atlanta’s Grady High School. For what it’s worth, the tournament’s organizer tried to treat his younger brother like everyone else.“He is as influential in my life as anybody else in my family, and I am wishing him luck,” Cam Newton said. “But to remain unbiased, I am wishing a lot of other kids the same amount of luck.”After wrapping up his time with the media, Cam Newton bounced around from team to team, coaching and encouraging. He may not have made worldwide headlines like James, but it was another case of Newton embracing his role in the community.“I’m showing my face, and hopefully I’ll make a lasting impression,” Newton said. “I realize that I’m only one man, and I’m being pulled and pushed in different directions, but my heart is in Carolina. I’m adopting it as my second home, just as they’ve adopted me.”IMG_20140711_133842462[custom_headline type=”center” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h3″]



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