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Handful of Panthers Fired up for the College Football Game of the Year

Ahead of Saturday's playoff-deciding matchup between No. 2 Ohio State and No. 3 Michigan, Panthers who played at each school make their predictions:

Guard Andrew Norwell (Ohio State, 2010-13)

35-17 Buckeyes


Receiver Philly Brown (Ohio State, 2010-13)

50-0 Buckeyes

Receiver Ted Ginn Jr. (Ohio State, 2004-06)

"We might win by one; we might win by two. It's going to be a win."

Safety Kurt Coleman (Ohio State, 2006-09)

"They don't mean anything to us. This whole week it's all about beating that team up North. These guys are going to take care of their job and we're going to come out with another (win) and put ourselves in contention for the playoffs."

Receiver Devin Funchess (Michigan, 2012-14)

28-26 Wolverines


So that's 4-1 in favor of Ohio State. But don't the former Buckeyes feel at least slightly bad for Funchess, who's totally outnumbered in the locker room?

"No, I do not," Norwell says. "He's from Tun."


"Team up North. That's what we call them."

How about you, Kurt?

"I love Funch, I really do," Coleman says. "But I feel bad for him that he had to go to that school."

And you, Ted?

"That's his fault. He went to Michigan. I ain't got nothing to do with that," Ginn says.

"It's like playing against your big brother. You'll never be able to beat him, then the time that you beat him, he doesn't have any choice but to let you have your moment."

Yeah, but unfortunately for Funchess and the Wolverines, they've had to let the Buckeyes have their moment after 13 of their past 15 meetings.

"Those boys have heart up there," Funchess says. "Those boys are playing for something this year. They're playing for their future. They're playing for the playoffs."

And while they may not all agree on what will happen Saturday, one thing is tough to argue with.

"It's the biggest rivalry in college football," Norwell says. "We haven't seen this type of game in a while, so I'm happy that the rivalry is back."

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