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Thomas Davis: Popping Finger Back in “Was a Natural Reaction”

Thomas Davis is tough. But we knew that. So this is just another chapter in that story.

The Carolina Panthers linebacker popped his finger back in mid-play before making a key tackle Sunday against the Seahawks. The footage, captured by NFL Films, was revealed on NBC Sports Network's recap show "Turning Point."

With less than three minutes left, Seattle faced a 2nd-and-20 from its 30-yard line. As quarterback Russell Wilson was dumping off a pass to running back Marshawn Lynch, guard J.R. Sweezy went to block Davis. He shed the block rather easily, but that's when his finger popped out of its joint. No big deal, apparently.

While Davis fixed his finger, he kept his focus on Lynch and brought him down for no gain. Moments later, Wilson was sacked, which led to a punt, which led to the Panthers' game-winning touchdown.

Q: So that video is starting to make the rounds. Didn't think anything of it at the time?

TD: "No big deal. My finger came out of place enough times. Probably the worst one was a few years ago in Miami, so this little thing right here was not that serious. In Miami, the bone came through the skin and I had to deal with that. It was in the heat of the battle, man. The game's on the line, they threw a screen play, it was a natural reaction. Pop it back in place, keep going."

Q: How many times have you done something like that?

TD: "I've probably dislocated this finger this year probably about five or six times."

Q: So you just pop it back in?

TD: "What am I going do, go to the sideline and talk to the trainers about a finger? I can do the same thing they're going to do. Pop it back in place, tape it up and keep moving. Game on the line, I've to stay on the field."

Q: With your history of knee injuries it's nothing, right?

TD: "Yeah, my pain tolerance is pretty high right now."



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