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Translating Dave Gettleman’s Most Meaningful Combine Quotes

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On coming to the combine with much more cap space than he’s had in previous years

“Of course it’s nice, but you know, we shopped at Tiffany’s last year. (Thomas Davis), Greg (Olsen), Luke (Kuechly) and Cam (Newton). That cost more than a bag of doughnuts, … You guys have seen my act for three years. I’m methodical. I’m intentional. And that’s the approach I’m going to take whether we’re $16 million over or we’re $25 (million) under. I’m not going to change. I think it’s kind of working, … We have not spent big money on a free agent; you guys know that. It’s about your own, your core.”


What it may mean

Gettleman will do some shopping over the next few weeks, but when free agency opens and you hear people wonder why the Panthers aren’t spending money, remind them about the $14 million it took to keep Norman from hitting the market as the top available cornerback. Guys will be added, holes will be filled, bad grades will be given … just like the past three offseasons.

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One thought on “Translating Dave Gettleman’s Most Meaningful Combine Quotes”

  1. Hopefully Tolbert sticks around, he adds a lot to the most complex running game in the NFL. It will be interesting to see what happens with him and Big Money. Very interested in what kind of talent is added at the tackle position, even if they aren’t instant starters. Today is Josh Norman “tag day!”

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