Quotes to Note: Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson

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From the outside looking in a lot of people compare you to Cam (Newton), do you see those comparisons as valid?

“Oh yea, I think obviously Cam can run the football extremely well and throw the football extremely well, he can do it all. For me, he is a lot bigger force than I am, some of the things that he does I don’t necessarily try to do just because of the size difference he has over me.”

Clearly you have to know where the line of scrimmage is, but how do you have that sense of when to run?

“What I try to do is I just try to extend the play. I always try to keep my eyes down field; I’m not trying to run it that’s the last thing I’m really trying to do. If it is there, I will take it and try to get a first down.”

What is the nature of your and (Luke) Kuechly’s friendship? How did that develop?

“We played against each other at Boston College all the time so we kind of developed this competitive edge/friendship, whatever you want to call it. Then we trained before the combine for a couple of months together so we got to know each other really well then. And we’ve done some other different business things together in terms of a commercial thing here or there. We’ve had this good friendship where I root for him all the time. He’s a great football player and great guy and obviously a great leader.”

Do you have a lot of friends and family coming down from Richmond?

“Man, I have so many people coming. I’m excited to see everybody. I don’t get to go to the East Coast that often and when I do it’s usually for a game. But just to be back in North Carolina, you guys know I love the state of North Carolina and just the Carolina area in general. I’ve had a lot of amazing times there and a lot of things that have happened for me in a good way there in the state of North Carolina. Hopefully, there will be a lot of NC State fans there, I will be excited about that.”

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