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Banned Hoverboards Make Ron Rivera Wonder: ‘COULD IT HAPPEN HERE?!’

Ron Rivera is one of the most player-friendly coaches in the NFL, but he's also a dad. So when he explained why he recently banned hoverboards from the Carolina Panthers' facilities, he sounded like a prudent mixture of both.

"Did you see those things on YouTube blowing up and stuff? I mean, that's what concerns me more than anything else, is something crazy happening," Rivera said.

It's true, if you search "hoverboards blowing up," you can find plenty of videos that would make your local TV station ask, "COULD IT HAPPEN TO YOU?!?!"

The hoverboard craze first hit the Panthers in training camp when a handful of players showed up to Spartanburg with one. Since then, Internet paparazzi have filmed quarterback Cam Newton on his:


A video posted by RoyJonez (@ofjdgaf) on

"We still have some that ride to and from to work, which I'm trying to get them not to, but they do," Rivera said.

"But inside the facility we don't want them running around because we don't want something crazy happening here. We're trying to limit their exposure to injury."

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.50.58 PMBut what could go wrong?

"Somebody told me about them igniting, so I went on YouTube and found them and they also showed the ones of people falling off. They showed the things about people making those sharp turns then there's somebody standing there running into them," Rivera said.

Considering their occupation, your guys would likely be extra careful, though, right?

"I caught them drag racing in the fricking hallways one time, too."


So maybe it's more than just being scared by the news. Maybe Rivera has gone hands-on and knows just how dangerous they can be?

"No. That I haven't," he said with a laugh. "I know my abilities."

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