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About BBR

Black and Blue Review began because of a question that kept coming back to me:

If fan interest in the Panthers keeps increasing and traditional media coverage continues decreasing, what’s going to fill the void?

Something or someone has to, right?

So BBR was born in April 2014. Hopefully, we’ve helped patch up some of what was missing.

In our first season, Panthers fans clicked through millions of page views. If that was great, I don’t have an adjective to describe season No. 2. Traffic numbers continue to at least double themselves monthly, and thousands of users visit daily.

It helps that BBR has been featured on more than a dozen national websites, as have partnerships with Charlotte Magazine and WFNZ. But the biggest win is proving Panthers fans want more. And not just increased coverage, but better context.

With the decaying of legacy media and the emergence of HOT TAKES!!!!, we’re spiraling toward a lowest common denominator sports world. BBR peels back layers to explain not just the whats, but also the hows and whys. While we break a fair amount of news, that’s not the focus.

A sports reporter’s main purpose is to be a conduit between the team and its fans. They may not always like what their team does, but it’s better for both sides when things are explained clearly and fairly.

Everyone is aware the media landscape is changing. 
No one knows how it will ultimately look, but 
we do know what it’s not going to be. Unencumbered by legacy media models in this on-demand world, BBR will continue to give fans information when they want it.

Black and Blue Review isn’t just a website; it’s the future media outlet.

Thank you for helping us build.

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