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Panthers Six-Pack: Dave Gettleman Talked, But What Did He Really Say?

2) But That Blame’s Limited — For Now


Vows to rout out the status quo would likely make ears perk up in a certain segment of the fan base that’s desperately hoping for specific changes on offense. But Rivera’s pledge to keep his staff intact have let some air out of that balloon, and Gettleman didn’t say anything to contradict his coach publicly.

“That’s Ron’s bailiwick,” Gettleman said, which loosely translates to: “That’s Ron’s call.”

“This is a damn good coaching staff,” Gettleman said later. “It’s a solid group. We went 17-2 last year, guys. They didn’t get stupid overnight.”

Gettleman may respect Rivera’s right to choose his staff, but it’s worth remembering there’s someone else at the top of the totem pole. And he holds the ultimate veto power.

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