5 Guesses: Who Could be the Panthers’ Emergency Quarterback

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The Panthers currently have four quarterbacks on their roster. During Thursday night’s preseason finale in Pittsburgh, only one may be available.

  • Starter Cam Newton has been ruled out with a hairline fracture in his rib.
  • Backup Derek Anderson and his wife are expecting their first child, which was due Saturday. Anderson will be with his wife whenever she goes into labor, which could be any time this week.
  • Backup Matt Blanchard has been ruled out after suffering a concussion near the end of Friday’s game in New England.
  • Backup Joe Webb is fine and ready to roll.

But what happens if a.) Anderson’s wife goes into labor Wednesday or Thursday AND b.) Webb gets hurt against the Steelers?

That’s a situation the Panthers are preparing for, but Monday, head coach Ron Rivera wouldn’t disclose which players are his emergency quarterbacks.

“I don’t want to tell you guys because at the end of the day if these guys are valuable like that, and you put them out there, somebody may scoop them up,” Rivera said.

Who are the secret quarterbacks on the Panthers’ roster?

It could have been Marvin McNutt. He was a star quarterback in high school, but the receiver was cut Sunday.

So here are five other guesses*:

  • Running back DeAngelo Williams: Near the end of the 2006 season, Williams, along with former head coach John Fox and offensive coordinator Dan Henning, debuted what would become known as ‘The Wildcat.’ The Panthers ran 52 times — with Williams taking a handful of snaps directly from center — in a 10-3 win over the Falcons.
  • Fullback Mike Tolbert: Has been begging coaches for years to let him throw just one pass in a game. The 5-9, 245 hybrid back did throw a perfect spiral to a Panthers assistant in between drills during a break at practice last week.
  • Receiver Kelvin Benjamin: The Panthers would never do this with their first-round pick, but Benjamin claims he can throw a football 75 yards. That’s not hard to believe.
  • Tight end Brandon Williams: Snap it, then see who wants to tackle him.
  • Tackle David Foucault: Grew up playing hockey, so he can probably do more than just block other big guys. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see a 6-8, 305 French Canadian with long blonde hair playing quarterback?


Who do you think could play quarterback on the current roster? Or shoot, who would you want to see back there just for fun? Share a name and a reason why in the comments below!

(*not to be taken seriously)


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  • danism28

    BlackBlueReview don’t shoot me, but Armanti Edwards?! Lol

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    danism28 BLOCKED

  • danism28

    BlackBlueReview haha he’s still in Chicago. Process of elimination says that the player is currently not on a roster. “Scoop him up”

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    danism28 i like it. well done

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    BlackBlueReview danism28 #BringBackArmanti AppState_FB Panthers #KeepPounding

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    BlackBlueReview I think George Gring is our secret weapon! Who can stop him? http://twitter.com/brianwensil/status/504234209582792705/photo/1

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    I believe Melvin White was also a high school QB. Let’s give him a shot!

  • sirfane

    BlackBlueReview jake delhomme has been hanging around

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    Armanti Edwards

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    We will be fine with webb against pitt and maybe in the season opener if needed.

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    BlackBlueReview I would’ve said DeAndre Presley (he played the position in college), but since he’s on the PUP list…

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    Its a no brainer -Webb.

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    Kerry Collins

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    DeAndre Presley He was a great Quarterback at Appstate