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Panthers 6-Pack: Keeping Cam in, Gano’s Struggles and Farewell to 89

1) Worth the Risk?


Ron Rivera kept a healthy Luke Kuechly on the sideline for three weeks, but Carolina’s coach is apparently more willing to throw caution to the wind when it comes to the Panthers’ star quarterback.

Granted, concussions are much more serious than sore shoulders, but it’s worth noting Rivera wouldn’t pull Cam Newton in a mostly meaningless game even after he aggravated his shoulder in the second quarter.

“I thought Cam Newton was about as courageous as it gets. He didn’t want to come out and he tried to make some throws we thought he shouldn’t have, but that’s him,” Rivera said.

“There was a point where we talked about putting Joe Webb in. (Newton) wanted to compete and he wanted to win the football game. I’m not going to take that away from him.

“He’s been trying to gut through it, fight through it, and it’s sore. Every time he throws a ball it creates trauma. It’s just the muscle being sore and all that stuff. As he said, the sabbatical is what’s going to help him.”

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