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With “Carolina Kickoff” Ahead, a Word About Our Sponsor

Building a business from scratch is hard enough. So building one as an online publisher, something few have figured out how to do, is a big mountain to climb.

Fortunately, after surviving its first season, BBR is thriving early in year No. 2. None of this is possible without loads of help, but I want to shout out one supporter specifically.

AAA Carolinas logo

AAA Carolinas has come on board to sponsor our coverage during “Carolina Kickoff,” aka the first four weeks of the Panthers’ season. Starting this week, BBR visitors from inside the Carolinas will see a special offer. If you’re already a member, you know how great a dependable service like AAA can be. If you’re not, take a second to check out the deal.

In an online world where local ad money continues to shift toward a couple companies in San Francisco, a local business supporting another local business in Charlotte isn’t just a nice thing, it’s a necessity.

As always, thank you for continuing to check out the site. Good things are happening.


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