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What They’re Saying Around Carolina’s Camp: Aug. 11

Throughout training camp, BBR will highlight coverage from other outlets in Spartanburg covering the Panthers. If there’s something we don’t get to or you absolutely must read or see, you’ll find it here.We’ll also be sharing some resources with Jeremy Igo of Carolina Huddle, and his unique work will lead off these “Around Carolina’s Camp” segments.Today …

  • Non-fight related pics and notes from Monday
  • Jeremy’s favorite undrafted rookie has another nice day 

Elsewhere …ESPN’s David Newton examines the pros and cons of a fighting franchise quarterback:

“That Newton let Norman get to him wasn’t something the Panthers want to see carry over into a game when an opponent starts taunting him.

That Newton stood up for his self wasn’t something to be ashamed of, either.”

A double-dip from the Charlotte Observer’s Tom Sorensen, first, on Newton vs. Norman:

“Maybe Norman gave Newton a stiff arm. That’s allowed. Newton put both of his large hands on Norman’s helmet. That isn’t allowed.

Did you expect Norman to quietly back down? Norman is one of Carolina’s best players. Do you want a potential shutdown corner who turns meek when confronted by a red jersey?”

Then, on Steve Smith:

“Before he was a Raven he was one of us. Smith, 5-9, came to Charlotte with a series of hard edges. But he found himself here. He became a family man, and committed to several charitable endeavors, notably the Steve Smith Family Foundation.”

With the first depth chart released, this is a good reminder from writer Max Henson:

“As an “unofficial” depth chart, it is very much subject to change based on what happens through the rest of training camp and during the four preseason contests.

The ordering on a preseason depth chart and the distribution of practice reps don’t always match up. That’s part of what makes it difficult to glean too much from either.”


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