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Chris Houston Explains Decision to Retire

Carolina Panthers cornerback Chris Houston cut short his NFL comeback Tuesday when he decided to retire. Wednesday afternoon, the 30 year old posted an explanation for his sudden decision on his Instagram account:

“Where do I begin……..? Since 7yrs old I told my mother I was going to make it to the NFL and get her a house and put us in a better situation, and God blessed me to do that at the highest level! I’m so thankful for all the ups, downs, and challenges I’ve gone through because this game taught me how to persevere and that if you work hard you can achieve anything. My family has seen, been places, met people, and done things that we only dream about, coming from where we from because of a football! The avg career is 3 years and he blessed me to make it to 8. If I woulda continued I would’ve been cheating myself, teammates, and coaches because my health wasn’t going to allow me to give a 100% everyday! Being in pain everyday to play a game weighs on you mentally and physically. I have a lot more life to live and I just had a beautiful daughter that I wanna be able to run around with, and be able to just walk right for myself. Thank you to all who’ve supported me, I’ve met soooooo many people, and had teammates who became family till this day and I just wanna say thank you all! Now I’m on to the next chapter of my life and that’s giving my time back to kids who’s trying to make it, raising my lil girl, and other passions God blessed me to have!! Again thank you and so much Love to the fans, and the people that supported me throughout my career I love yall!!! 💯”


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