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Leonard Fournette Not Worried About Extra Pounds

We've all likely been there before.

Step on a scale, look down and ... wait, what?!

Imagine having that feeling during the biggest job interview of your life.

That's what happened to Leonard Fournette on Wednesday when the scale he stepped on said 240 pounds, the heaviest of any running back at this year's NFL Combine.

"It was surprising," the LSU product said Thursday. "I drank a lot of water before I weighed in, so it was water weight."

Perhaps he drinks out of one of those five-gallon jugs instead of a normal water bottle. Regardless, Fournette, who's a probable target for the Carolina Panthers at No. 8 in the upcoming draft, hopes to impress scouts with a 40-yard dash time in the 4.4 range.

"Hopefully my talent that I showcase (Friday) speaks for itself," Fournette said.

"I can play at 230, 225, it doesn't matter. Either way, I'm still fast."

Fournette hasn't displayed his speed, or anything else, since mid-November. That's when an ankle injury sidelined him for the rest of his junior season. One report went so far as to say Fournette's ankle is a chronic problem.

"It's 100 percent now," he assured reporters. "It just needed time to heal, that's all."

If the Panthers feel as confident in Fournette's ankle as he does, there's a good shot he'll be their pick at No. 8. Of course, that would also require running back-needy teams like the Jaguars (No. 4) and Jets (No. 6) to pass on him.

And as long as he's not surprisingly slow on Friday, "water weight" isn't a major concern for a guy who can run around or through a defense.

"I can do both. It depends on in the moment how I'm feeling," Fournette said with a smile.

"My motto is never let one man take me down."

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