Panthers Defensive End Greg Hardy Working on Rap Career While on NFL Exempt List

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Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy will not miss his third straight game by choice. The NFL put him on its exempt list last month while they were dealing with a swirl of controversy created when TMZ released the second Ray Rice video.

So while Hardy is making nearly $800,000 a week to be in limbo, he’s free to do whatever he wants. And that includes working on his aspiring rap career.

Ja Alan, a Memphis-based rapper, on Thursday posted a portion of a video shoot in Charlotte. In the snippet, Hardy, aka Mac Carl Jr., name drops NBA stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Another possibly troublesome lyric is unclear. It sounds like Hardy may have said, “crack a b—–,” which would not be the best choice of words considering his current legal situation. But Hardy may have said, “Kraken b—–,” which would be a reference to the character he claims he turns into on the field.

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  • ehannan73

    daringantt BlackBlueReview I think “yo” would have also worked.

  • TommyFromNC

    BlackBlueReview no no no no no no no

  • troydeselms

    BlackBlueReview classic….what’s Gettlemans twitter handle….hardy ‘ s line should be “14 mil and I don’t even have 2 play…u fo reel?!

  • Russ_Novak

    mikefreemanNFL Boy, “black and blue review” sure is an apt (albeit dark) site name when writing about Hardy.

  • ALawRadio

    mikefreemanNFL Haha – like Ron Artest?? Gotta’ pay the bills, I guess.

  • n8creative

    BlackBlueReview maybe he said “Kraken, bitch!”?

  • NCSUSix

    I recommend you watch Hustle and Flow to understand the Crack a B– line.

  • billycnc

    mikefreemanNFL – making like Nelly, doing whatever it takes to win back his lady…

  • Cassandra1584

    BustinLooseWFNZ BlackBlueReview What is he suppose to do just sit at home and do nothing?

  • BrigidaMack

    I mean…#icant “BlackBlueReview: Currently in NFL limbo, Greg Hardy working on aspiring rap career #Panthers”

  • KelliStorey

    BustinLooseWFNZ BlackBlueReview A logical choice, of course.

  • BustinLooseWFNZ

    Cassandra1584 BlackBlueReview Yes.

  • gregpalmerworld

    BustinLooseWFNZ BlackBlueReview …gettin’ funky on the mic like an old mess of collard greens…

  • Cassandra1584

    BustinLooseWFNZ BlackBlueReview Nobody going to just sit home all day every day Rivera should tell him to come in and workout.

  • CopaCavanna

    BrigidaMack BlackBlueReview like other people in his life (allegedly), I prefer Nelly

  • BustinLooseWFNZ

    Cassandra1584 BlackBlueReview He has that option available. He’s a grown man. Ricera shouldn’t have to force him to do that. #Clueless

  • Cassandra1584

    BustinLooseWFNZ BlackBlueReview Well he young buck what can I say he’ll learn sometime.

  • BustinLooseWFNZ

    gregpalmerworld BlackBlueReview Is that a real saying… Or are you freestyling?

  • BlackBlueReview

    BustinLooseWFNZ Cassandra1584 almost like he doesn’t make the best decisions.

  • djkitts

    BlackBlueReview BustinLooseWFNZ Cassandra1584 Abundance of talent, complete lack of common sense.

  • Cassandra1584

    BlackBlueReview BustinLooseWFNZ It is about the people you surround yourself with and you not hearing the word “No”

  • BustinLooseWFNZ

    BlackBlueReview Cassandra1584 I know… totally crazy…!

  • gregpalmerworld

    BustinLooseWFNZ BlackBlueReview Dr Dre. Ain’t nuthin but a G thing.

  • PanthersJon8137

    BlackBlueReview realdrewhoyle

  • danny_g13

    BlackBlueReview BustinLooseWFNZ Cassandra1584 Shocked. Truly shocked I tell you….

  • WXMoose

    lebrownlow BlackBlueReview there’s a joke here somewhere

  • BigMDeuce

    WillBrinson BlackBlueReview he’s already got the felony down

  • bennjeff

    lebrownlow because I mean the rap culture is known for how well it treats women. Also what year does he think it is 1999?

  • lebrownlow

    bennjeff I’ve got nothing there are no words

  • bennjeff

    lebrownlow Humans are pretty terrible, we should all be dogs. Dogs are the best

  • CopaCavanna

    DianneG i too made a Nelly joke and I don’t think BrigidaMack laughed. It ruined my day :/

  • PhilIipsBrandon

    BustinLooseWFNZ BlackBlueReview Im so glad the media wanted him suspended. Wish I was given 13 million and a vacation to work on my rap.

  • PhilIipsBrandon

    BustinLooseWFNZ BlackBlueReview not working for your money….what a stiff punishment.

  • TomDunphy

    BlackBlueReview Wow. Ja Alan cannot be a real person. Also, he has a song called “M.O.B.” (presumably Money Over Bitches.) Irony?

  • ScubaC31fan

    BlackBlueReview wow.. Def sounded like crack a Bit** to me.. smh

  • pantherfan95

    to be honest greg actually has some legit songs on hot new hip hop, or had idk if theyre still up. His song 24 hours was great

  • SkankyBum

    macwfnz time for gettleman to crack that bitch off the team.

  • christyw8441

    macwfnz I hate hardy…innocent or guilty…he needs some sense slapped into him…he’s the main reason our Dline is struggling ugh #loser

  • BustinLooseWFNZ

    PhilIipsBrandon BlackBlueReview He’s not suspended. If he were suspended, he would not be getting paid.

  • PhilIipsBrandon

    BustinLooseWFNZ BlackBlueReview The result is the same in my opinion only.

  • ChrisVanDercook

    Are we really talking about domestic violence on the Black and Blue Review? I don’t know what to say.