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On failed trips to the red zone:

“It’s not necessarily all the time. It’s just missed opportunities. We had a chance to run the ball in there. We just have to block. We had a chance to score a touchdown by throwing the ball and we have to catch it or we have to throw it. That’s as basic as it gets.”

On Kelvin Benjamin not starting:

“There was a reason I decided to start him on the bench. That’s it. That’s my reason.”

On the message sent to Benjamin:

“That you are accountable just like everybody else.”

On Byron Bell playing with two injuries:

“I thought he fought. He did the best he could. Unfortunately at the end of the day, it got us. He did the best he could against Bruce Irvin. We were shuffling between Nate Chandler and Byron with David Foucault. We were trying to play the healthiest guy out there. We were in a tough position.”

On Nate Chandler’s injury effecting the depleted line:

“The hard part is having to shuffle Foucault between right and left. That was the hard part. We could have put a guard out there but I don’t think we would have been as comfortable having a guard out there as trying to get one of those guys to fight through it. At the end, it did get us.”

On Cam Newton’s day:

“He tried to make plays and that was tough. Anytime you do that, if you don’t make them, something bad could happen. That’s what happened. He was pressing a little bit to make plays. At the end of the day, when we look at it, watch it on tape, we will see that he pressed.”

On Newton’s fumble in the red zone:

“It was a zone read and he held it probably a little bit too long. He should have either given it to Jonathan (Stewart) a little sooner or he should have kept it. That’s kind of part of it. Or you could say Jonathan might have gripped it too tight. I’m not sure on that. I’m going to have to get a feel from the both of them as to what happened.”

On what Seattle did on its winning drive

“Third downs and I think the quarterback spreading us out — coming out with five wide receivers, trying to put is in that type of position. They spread us out pretty good because of the five wide receivers. They mixed it between five wide receivers sets and eleven personnel and three wide receivers sets so we were shuffling in trying to match them with coverages the best we could. Their thought process worked pretty good but the biggest things were the two runs by the quarterback more so than anything else I thought.”

On losing to the Seahawks for the third straight year:

“No matter the team, it’s more disappointing that we didn’t make enough plays to win, including myself. I’m frustrated more about the lack of focus on my part and not being smart with the football. Putting the ball up for grabs, that’s not winning. Two turnovers, both of them my fault. That can’t happen.”

On the fumble in the red zone with Jonathan Stewart:

“It was just a miscommunication and any time it’s a miscommunication it falls on my plate. We have to be better about that. We talked about it and it won’t happen again.”

On pressing against the Seahawks:

“Sometimes with a team like this you have to press. You have to be able to take chances. When you make plays, you’re labeled a genius. When you don’t, and a lot of times we didn’t today, it looks bad. It looks really bad. But for me personally, I have to accept the challenge of knowing I didn’t play well. I didn’t play my best football today.”

On the pass intended for Greg Olsen that was intercepted:

“I was trying to throw it to Greg and he flashed in front of my face. I was trying to stay in field goal range. We needed a couple more yards to get there. Number one, I should have thrown it way before. It’s just things that you have to know and it didn’t happen fast enough for me today.”

On red zone issues:

“We’ve got to find a way to get a touchdown. When you get that close, it all goes down the drain if you get just three points. The turnovers, that’s just not playing smart football. I can’t expect for the team to win if we’re putting the ball up for grabs. Fumbling in the red zone, throwing an interception, and I have to know better, … When you get inside the five, you have to scratch, crawl, spit, grip, find a way. And we know that, it just has to settle in when we’re in the heat of battle. We didn’t do a good job of that and it’s happened a lot since I’ve been here. Also, we have scored in those situations as well. There’s nobody to point the finger at. Gritting your teeth and saying, ‘look, we’ve got two yards to go, one yard to go, in hell or high water, we have to get it.’”

On the last drive:

“We were trying to take a shot. Stepping up in the pocket, moving in the pocket, allowing those guys to get in the veins of the defense when they’re playing zone. Then when we tried to take a shot with the roll out, just trying to give Kelvin an opportunity, trying to give Avant an opportunity, give Jerricho an opportunity to make a play or maybe a pass interference. You never know in those types of situations. We shouldn’t have even been in that situation in the first place. Everybody’s looking for throwing the ball up for grabs and who knows what would have happened. We had ample opportunities before that point as an offense. I’ll be the first to one to blame that we have to better, I have to play better, and I will.”

On why he didn’t start the game: 

“It was a coach’s decision.”

On how it felt to watch the first few plays:

“I really didn’t worry about it. When I got my chance and got in I just wanted to make my mark and get the offense going and help the team.”

On what he needs to be more accountable for:

“Everything. Just being a great teammate. Going on the field, doing everything fast, knowing my assignments, just being a pro.”

On his drop in the end zone: 

“He was able to get under my arms and knock it out. It was a good defensive play. I should have made the catch so I’ll watch the film and learn from it.”

On his botched punt return:

“I didn’t secure it. I started running without the ball. That’s on me.”

On his 49-yard kickoff return:

“(Special teams coordinator Richard Rodgers) came up to me and I said, ‘I know I know, I got tackled by the kicker.’ He was like, ‘Good return.’”

On getting his first career sack: 

“When I get that first one, the spark is done lit. Now that fire’s staying on. I know what it feels like to get the monkey off my back.”

On the defense swarming to the ball better than it did against the Packers:

“Yeah, I thought we did that today. Guys were excited, guys were flying around. I thought the D-line played exceptional today. A lot of the lack of run game Seattle had early on was due to those guys. Whether it was Kawann (Short) or Star (Lotulelei) or Dwan (Edwards) or Charles (Johnson) or Colin Cole or the D-ends, those guys played awesome. There were a lot of situations during this game when it was second-and-12, second-and-13, a lot of that was due to those guys who played great up front. They got penetration and made tackles in the backfield and any time they can do that it makes everybody’s job that much easier.”

On the defense improving from the Packers game:

“I think we did a much better job, put an emphasis on flying around to the ball, creating turnovers and really making plays defensively. I think we were able to do that all the way up to the last drive.”

On containing Seattle until the last drive:

“What it really boiled down to, they made a play. Defensively, we have to do a better job of executing for four quarters and keeping them out of the end zone like we had the previous three-and-a-half quarters.”

On playing for a win on the final drive:

“We were talking touchdown the whole time. We hoped we could go for it if we got the chance and even thinking about we were in four down mode as we were getting there. We weren’t thinking about kicking the ball and waiting it out or anything like that. We were going to try to see if we could find a way to win. It was a great job. A great call on the sidelines for the winning touchdown and a great execution by Russell (Wilson) to make that play and get the score.”

On the chemistry in the locker room:

“We have no problem. No problem. Whatever the conversation is that’s the job of the media to try to figure stuff out. That’s not what’s going on here. I have no problem. It was not a distraction at all. Our guys don’t care about what’s being said. We’ve been prepared all year that there would be stuff like this, there would be controversy, there would be storylines that would try to get in between us. We’re fine. That isn’t the adversity. The adversity is we’re 3-3. That’s the adversity. We haven’t played as well as we wanted to. We had three really close games that we didn’t finish and we needed to finish a football game. Again, that’s why we’re so proud to take this one on the road today.”

On what he said in the huddle on the last drive:

“I kinda laughed and smiled. I told them, ‘Hey man, we’ve been here for two years in a row. Just like this. Let’s go do it. One play at a time. Let’s be in the moment and let’s go win the game.'”

On playing in North Carolina again:

“Obviously to come to the state of North Carolina, just the Carolinas in general, means a lot to me. I graduated from North Carolina State University in three years. I got to play football and baseball there. I had an awesome time there and played with some great football players. Just our team in general, we have J.R. Sweezy and Steve Hauschka, and just to have those guys be on your team and to be here, I love coming back to Carolina and just to see so many people, so many fans, so many NC state fans that I really respect but just to be in this state it means a lot to me to come here to see so many great people, so many memories I have here, so many positive ones. It means the world to me.”

On the adversity of the last week:

“There were no distractions at all. I think it was people trying to find ways to knock us down, but we just keep swinging and keep believing in each other. We keep believing in the people that we have in the room and we keep believing in the coaching staff. We keep believing in our fans, we keep believing in each other and there is no doubt that we are together. There is no doubt that we are more together than ever before. And so, in terms of me, ‘not black enough thing,’ I think you are talking about, I don’t even know what that means. I don’t know. I believe that I am an educated young male that is not perfect. That tries to do things right, that just tries to lead and tries to help others and tries to wins games for this football team, for this franchise. And that’s all I focus on.”

On Kelvin Benjamin:

“He’s a really good receiver. He’s huge and he has a huge catching radius. You have to be aware of all that. He has speed. He made some fantastic plays today. We were there in coverage and we were right on top of him. He made plays. I think he’s going to grow and continue to evolve and do well in this league.”

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