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What They’re Saying: Shaq Thompson, Preseason Injuries

[vc_row no_margin=”true”][vc_column width=”1/1″]5 smart, Panthers-related posts you may have missed this week:

1) What teams can do now that they don’t have to match up with Kelvin Benjamin.

“Carolina’s plan to not change their approach is one thing, but that doesn’t speak to the change defenses will now be afforded to run against them until proven they can’t.” – Brady Poppinga, Football by Football

2) Frank Alexander’s Achilles tear happened in a game, but is the pace of practice increasing injury risks?

“The trend of high-tempo non-contact practices plays into how ACL and Achilles usually occur with a quick change of direction rather than a direct blow.” – Dr. David Chao, National Football Post

3) The latest CBA was supposed to help player health. In some ways, it may be doing the opposite.

“The rules squeezed out much of the offseason conditioning work. That’s a problem, because the exercises and drills that can prevent ACL tears and soft-tissue injuries take additional time and must be reinforced over a series of weeks.” – Mike Tanier, Bleacher Report

4) Even though Ron Rivera explained the Panthers’ reasoning immediately after the draft, some are now starting to see why Shaq Thompson may not have been a “reach.”

“In today’s NFL – full of offenses shifting personnel and formations and spread multiple wideout sets with receiver-like tight ends and running backs – defense is about solutions, not positions.” – Dave Archibald, Inside the Pylon

5) It’s almost like there was a plan.

“The Panthers, who lack depth at cornerback, might see Thompson as a way to avoid their nickel package. The rookie has no problem moving out to cover slot receivers, but at the same time he’s bulky enough to eat up blocks off the edge in run support.” – Tadd Haislop, Sporting News




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  • SixMileDrive

    We lack depth at corner?

    • Black and Blue Review


      • SixMileDrive

        Our first three look to be very solid with Norman, Tillman, and Bene. White isn’t terrific, but he has been serviceable and has quite a bit of starting experience. Not bad for a CB4. Colin Jones (i know he’s listed as a safety) wasn’t bad when he was forced into the nickel role last year. Lots of competition for the last spot or two. This is more depth than we’ve had in years.

        • Billy Shepherd

          Norman and Bene each had a great half of a season and Tillman is coming off 2 serious injuries. Relying on all three of them to play at a high level isn’t a safe bet. White and Jones have been okay at times, but they are replacement level DBs.

        • Panthers/Truth

          White ranked 99th out of 101 CB’s last season, by The rest of the backup CB’s are all unknown’s