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Roaring Riot’s Week 9 Review/Week 10 Tailgate Preview

Dan Barker is back after a week of doing nothing.


Thoughts From Week 9


A week in which the Panthers went 8-0 (or 7-1 depending on who you ask) and defeated the vaunted Packers, yet #bannergate was the focus. Not to get on a high horse, but this is why The Roaring Riot exists. It’s time for Panther fans to reclaim their home field and start imposing their will away from home. Great to see Cam Newton aligned with that vision. With that in mind, we think this guy should have received a different banner from the Panthers:


Much better
Much better


Aaron Rodgers is pretty good, but SBNation thinks they know something we don’t. He is also either really bad at Angry Birds, loves Apple products, or badly missed a throw (should have been a flag for a pick, anyway):


So … 8-0 and the only undefeated team in the NFC. Atlanta loses to the shambolic 49ers and it looks like Sean Payton will be leaving the Saints at the end of the season. Hard not to have a little swag in the step this week. Remember these days, and whenever you feel yourself getting a little carried away, look at this picture:




Thoughts on Week 10

Nashville is a great, great city. The Roaring Riot will be sending over 250 fans to the game and what a lucky group they are. If you are ever in Nashville, stop by The Centennial, ask for Scott and tell him Dan sent you for your free bottle of blue label Johnnie Walker.


Did you see Cam give the Riot a shout-out this week?



As for the Titans, they will be tricky customers. They jettisoned their head coach, got back their very talented young QB and are playing at home and in a division that is wide open. Still, a great opportunity for the Panthers to get to 9-0 (8-1). Panthers by 45!


For those not able to attend in person we will save you a spot at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille. Just leave your Titans banners at home. And don’t forget to hug this man:


greg martin




Roaring Riot logo

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