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Star Lotulelei Takes a Stand: ‘I Don’t Dab’

Maybe it's because Cam Newton wasn't in it, but a photo taken late in the Carolina Panthers' win over Seattle last Sunday hasn't yet spawned hot takes.

With 47 seconds left, Getty Images Sport photographer Grant Halverson snapped a shot featuring a group of Panthers celebrating a trip to the NFC Championship.

Embed from Getty Images

Two noticeable things about the image: 1.) It features members of the defense and not the offense this time; 2.) One of the poses wasn't like the others.

"No, I don't dab," defensive tackle Star Lotulelei said.

Finally, a man willing to take a stand.

"Yeah, and I don't want to look dumb. I might mess it up like some other people do, so I just don't try."

Normally reserved, especially in front of reporters, Lotulelei was refreshingly chatty Wednesday. The guy's got jokes, too.

When asked about his linemate Kawann Short, who has tremendous explosion at the snap, Lotulelei quipped: "His get off's all right. I'm faster."

After the Panthers used their first two draft picks on Lotulelei and Short in 2013, it was Lotulelei who often faced double-teams. Two years later, it's Lotulelei who's calling Short the most dominant defensive lineman in the NFL. And even though he's the one getting double-teamed now, Short's 11 sacks this season destroyed a Panthers' record for most by a defensive tackle.

"He's killing it," Lotulelei said. "Now that he's kind of established himself, he takes a lot of the pressure off the rest of us, especially me.

"I think he kind of had to get some things figured out when we came in as rookies, but ever since he's really taken off and hasn't looked back."

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One thought on “Star Lotulelei Takes a Stand: ‘I Don’t Dab’”

  1. Star and Short were a REALLY REALLY good 1-2 pick. Panthers are fortunate that Star dropped in the draft as far as he did. Short was just a fantastic 2nd round pickup.

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