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VIDEO: Cam Newton Walks Out of Postgame Press Conference

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  • Keath

    I noticed that during the offseason, Gettleman seemed to be in the news every other day with a witty or (by some perspectives) arrogant one-liner, particularly with respect to the Norman and KK contract situations and the draft questions/criticisms. I haven’t heard much of anything from him since Week 1 and I don’t know if that’s telling, coincidental, or he just likes to keep a low profile during the actual season, but either way he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do – and as paying customers I think we’re entitled to some answers (cue Colonel Nathan R. Jessup response

    • Darian Howard

      Gettleman never talks during the season, the only exception was the Hardy debacle

      • Keath

        Very well. He needs to make an exception for the 2016 debacle now.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Well said.

  • William Wayne

    What a child

    • T-Maz Redd

      This the same guy who was doing premeditated, isolated celebrations, showing up the opponent, with no passion or spontaneous.

  • Clarence Worley

    I was saying all last year that the Panthers and cam were a complete fluke. This is the real panthers.

    • Lee Tinesia Hill

      This has been the panthers since there first year in the league in1995 the panthers have never had back to back winning seasons

  • jkman

    What a pussy……this guy’s ego is incredible, and it shows what a pathetic loser he really is….I hope they fine him, you know if it were Marshawn Lynch of Richard Sherman they would have been fined $15 – $20K……

  • Frederick Cooper Sr

    Get over yourself Cam! That tie matches you, peacock feathers for a peacock! You are a one year flute now move on! This is a “TEAM” game and actions like this proves you are not a team player!

  • cartman

    Is not and never was a team player. When you don’t communicate with your teammates you’re gonna eat some turf and lose games. The sooner he comes to that realization the sooner they become a real team.

  • Hillyard Hellraiser

    What a little whiner.

  • greg

    STOP asking him questions, he thinks he self important

  • Nicestrat

    What a giant man baby…….Jesus, pout some more! Pretty clothes, btw……lol…whatever