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What They’re Saying: Another Week, Another Camtroversy

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Photo: Magaret Bowles
Photo: Magaret Bowles


Cam Newton’s dance makes you sick? You’re the disease, he’s the cure – David Steele, Sporting News

Cam Newton doesn’t owe you modesty – Micah Peters, USA Today

Cam Newton loves to celebrate, but this 10-second end Zone dance was too much – Jason McIntyre, The Big Lead

Panthers/Titans grades – Steve Palazzolo, Pro Football Focus

Ron Rivera got ’em –


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3 thoughts on “What They’re Saying: Another Week, Another Camtroversy”

  1. This may seem petty, but the celebration was 7 seconds long if you don’t count the additional dab on em’s caused after sour grapes tried to start the ruckus. It may not seem like a lot, but that is 33% of the time Mr. McIntyre suggested the celebration occurred.

    And yes, I’m a nerd. I did stopwatch it.

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