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Radio Interview with Carolina Panthers’ Greg Hardy Ends Abruptly

G reg Hardy finally broke his silence. Kind of.The defensive end, who has not talked publicly since his arrest last month, appeared as a guest on Charlotte sports talk radio station WFNZ Tuesday afternoon. The interview between Hardy and hosts Frank Garcia and Mark Yarbro lasted less than three minutes. It ended abruptly after Yarbro asked Hardy about playing under the Panthers’ franchise tag in 2014.[x_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed]It’s unclear if Hardy was upset about facing a question about his contract, or if it was a bad cellphone connection, but the feeling is Hardy decided to end the call.He was making the appearance to promote an upcoming charity event. There was an understanding that no questions would be asked about his ongoing legal situation, but Hardy’s contract status was not mentioned as something that was off limits.The fifth-year player, who was charged with communicating threats to his ex-girlfriend, was scheduled to be back in court Friday. On Tuesday, the trial date was moved to July 15, according to the Charlotte Mecklenburg District Attorney. That’s also the deadline for the Panthers to give Hardy a long-term contract, but they have made no plans to do so.[gap size=”2.613em”]

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