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6-Pack: Resurrected Careers, Coaching Calls and a Janitor



Amazingly, this story hasn’t been spun into something about how Newton hates janitors. Yet.

Microphones picked up Newton barking a strange audible Sunday while the Panthers were in their no-huddle offense:



It’s unclear if it was a Panther or Buc who asked if the “even janitor” call was real. But according to Shula, it is.

“It could mean something one week. It could mean totally nothing the next week,” he said.

“Obviously, when you’re using the no-huddle and you have to use words and signals and all that kind of stuff, you’ve got to be creative because teams can pick up on that. (Newton’s) got a good imagination.”

But is he the originator of the wonderfully random phrase?

“I can’t 100 percent confirm that,” Shula said with a smile. “Somebody on offense. I think it was him, though.”

(UPDATE Fri., Jan. 8 1:45 p.m.)

Newton on Friday did admit it was one of his teammates that asked if the call was real. He didn’t reveal the origin, but he did back up Shula’s explanation that “even janitor” could mean many things:

“It could be a dummy call. It could be a run play. It could be a pass play. It could be a protection call. It could be a trick play.”

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