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Blue-on-Blue: Panthers’ Color Rush Jerseys Officially Revealed

As expected, the Carolina Panthers will be in all-blue for their Thanksgiving Day game against the Cowboys, who will be in a throwback variation. The "Color Rush" alternative uniforms were officially unveiled Thursday night. 


(from Thursday afternoon's media availability)

CB Josh Norman

"All blue? In Dallas? Thursday night game? It's going to be big. That's going to be fresh; that's going to be nasty. I'm not looking ahead to Dallas by no stretch of the imagination, now. I'm just talking about a color scheme. That's going to be sick. I think it's the first time in history we'll ever wear that combination. I know we've went all black and all white, but we've never went all blue. And it's going to be an honor to get that chance to do that. I'm going to try to make it look sweet and nice."

Already have ideas for your shoes?

"Oh, yeah, I've already got that all squared out, trust me on that. That's going to be already in the mailbox waiting ... I don't know if anybody's going to have a color scheme like that in the league. Like I said, I'm going try to dress up as snazzy as I can."


P Brad Nortman

"I think some of these Color Rush ideas sounded good on paper, but when you put it all together, it didn't turn out exactly how people thought. But I love our blue. I think our blue's awesome, so I do think ours will be good."


WR Devin Funchess

"Blue is blue."

So you're ok with it as long as it's blue?

"Blue is blue. As long as there's no red, we're good."

Spoken like a true Michigan man.


FB Mike Tolbert

"I think it'll look  good on some people, some people not so much."

On you?

"On me? Everything looks good on me, come on now."

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