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Heap Blame on Odell Beckham, But Panthers Aren’t Completely Innocent

Before we get started, let’s get this out of the way—none of this excuses Odell Beckham Jr.'s actions. The Giants’ receiver was out of control Sunday against the Panthers, and the NFL got it right when they gave him a one-game suspension

But the Panthers aren’t completely innocent. Not cornerback Josh Norman, even if he wasn't the main instigator. And certainly not safety Marcus Ball




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6 thoughts on “Heap Blame on Odell Beckham, But Panthers Aren’t Completely Innocent”

  1. What a dispicible and baseless story. The only “evidence” is a video taken completely out of context. The rest is based on a narrative manufactured to distract and deflect attention from a deliberate and malicious attack that had the potential to be career ending. The only story here is that vicious hit and the character of the person delivering it. It is not the first incident involving assaults by Beckham this year, and your drivel does no more than to further empower his bad behavior. You should be ashamed.

  2. I read Bill Voth’s entire story on the “Charlotte Magazine”. Over and over again. Save yourself the trouble. Desperately wanting to introduce a new villain into the Beckham/Norman controversy, he fantasizes.

    Is it the bat? Nope. Is it the refs? Nope. Is it the coaches? Try again. It is (drumroll, please)… MARCUS BALL!!!


    I am occasionally more confused after hearing different sides to a story. In this case we get to hear nobody’s side of the story. Except Bill’s. And I am left wondering… is his editor on vacation?

  3. Cris Carter claims OBJ`s accusations are in fact true. How? Was he there? Did he hear and see all this? Or is OBJ telling him automatically make it true?????

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