What the Panthers Said About Linebacker Luke Kuechly’s Ejection

Bill VothNews, Week 71 Comment

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Video of the Incident That Led to Kuechly’s Ejection

“I didn’t know who was grabbing me. I was trying to get out of there, and you’ve just got to stay calm in those situations and walk away,” … I didn’t mean to do it. I just need to take a look at it and go from there.”
“I’ve seen way worse things happen in a game and guys didn’t get kicked out for it. It was a call the refs made, and it was unfortunate for our team that we lost one of our better defensive players.”
“I really didn’t think that was an ejectable offense. He was getting pulled by the other team’s player, and he was just trying to free himself from getting yanked on. I didn’t think it was right.”
“That was wowing to me. For people that understand Luke, that’s not him. We just got to keep our cool in games like this, and he’ll learn from it.”
“The kid reacted to someone grabbing him by the neck, pulling him out of the pile, and then somebody grabbing him by the waist. The guy that grabbed him by the waist just happened to be the referee. That’s why he reacted. He thought another player was coming in to grab him, so, unfortunately, that’s what happened. The referee came in, grabbed a player by the waist who just got done being pulled by the neck. So he reacted, and that’s disappointing. Luke came up to me right away and apologized. I said, ‘Luke, that’s part of the game. Guys are going to do things like that.'”

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  • bauerdavidson

    I really think Rivera lacks toughness, and its evident in the way the team stands up for each other. In years past other players would be fired up and get involved in situations where other team’s players are being rough on one of ours. I think letting Smitty go had to do with that. Im my opion Rivera was tring to keep everyone calm and calculated but I think he has restricted the emotional aspect of the game so much, that the players play the part they are allowed to on playbook pages and quit when its over. No recivers continued routes. They stood and stared, some jumped around, but none of them keept running. This team has been neutered.