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WATCH: Rare Footage of Star Lotulelei Before and During 2013 NFL Draft

It's somewhat appropriate a film starring Star Lotulelei has flown well under the radar.

Originally released in January after four years of filming, "In Football We Trust" follows the soft-spoken Lotulelei and three other young Polynesians as they pursue dreams of making it to the NFL.

The film hasn't been seen by many outside a few airings this winter on PBS, but now Panthers fans can see a five-minute excerpt featuring Lotulelei.

Submitted by producers for the PBS Online Film Festival, the segment captures Lotulelei's Pro Day at Utah and the moment Carolina made the defensive tackle their first-round pick of the 2013 draft.

"I don't know if I can really say I love football," Lotulelei admitted back then. "I like football. But I love my family and that's why I do it."

Lotulelei has three kids, eight siblings and 13 nieces and nephews. He and his wife Fuiva live in Charlotte, but they also own a house next to his parents' place in Utah.

Because the Panthers picked up Lotulelei's 5th-year option for 2017, he's guaranteed to clear $9.6 million from his rookie contract.

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  • Evan Clark

    That was a great video. Star is underappreciated and this gives more reasons why he should be one of our favorite Panthers. KK doesn’t have the year he had without Star and if we can keep him for several million less than KK…. that would be a no-brainer for me.

  • PanthersFan_inAfrica

    Thanks for sharing this Bill. Really enjoyed watching it. Love Star and his priority to family 1st. He’s a great part of our team.