5 Things They’re Saying About Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton

Bill VothNews, Week 74 Comments


“How can you not be impressed with Newton based off the tape? The quarterback looks healthy running the football, he is seeing the field from the pocket and delivering accurate throws from multiple release points.” — Matt Bowen
“Panthers are 3-2-1 after tying Cincinnati last week. Were it not for Newton, it would be a lot worse. That’s how good he’s played since missing the opener at Tampa Bay with a rib injury.” — Pete Prisco
“You know who might represent a pretty good competitor for Aaron Rodgers? Cam Newton, who has been one of the best quarterbacks in football this year with virtually nothing around him.” — Bill Barnwell
“Did staying in the pocket make Newton a better passer? That seems like too convenient a narrative. It’s more likely that Newton is developing like we all hoped he would.” — Gregg Rosenthal
Newton is currently our top-graded QB with a +14.6 overall grade. – Chris Phillips

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  • AnthonyFKelly

    with the time he’s spent in the pocket this year will allow him to progress as a QB. Cam will now be able to look at the D and understand what he is seeing out there. Cam will finish in the top 5 QB this year.

  • Joat1977

    He still had some work to do but he looks much better in the pocket. He’s moving within the pocket well and making his reads. Now that he’s reminded the league of his mobility it should open things up a bit.

  • jleonard247

    It has clicked. Hold on for the ride Panthers fans!

  • sigchi222

    Bill has the best Panthers website on the interwebs…period.