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Black and Blue Review

Black and Blue Review

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What They’re Saying: The Cam Newton/Steph Curry Relationship

Carolina Panthers-related news and nuggets from around the web.

A piece every Panthers fan will read today: Robert Mays details the friendship between Charlotte's two biggest stars. [MMQB]

Are Cam and Russell the next Tom and Peyton? [ESPN]

The Josh Norman and Rodney Harrison feud heats up. [Charlotte Observer]

Why Ted Ginn is such a good fit in Carolina. [Panthers]

Ginn hit 22.4 mph during his first score on Sunday. [Panthers]

"One game at a time" can be more than a cliché. [Gaston Gazette]

NASCAR drivers are rolling with the Panthers. [Fox Sports]

These weren't a message for Norman, but it's an entertaining thought heading into this week. [Cat Chronicles]

But Norman did notice:

So did Hulk:

But sadly, Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert haven't yet heard from Adele:

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  • James

    Was I supposed to understand what Josh Norman was saying about OBJ’s cleats?

    • Rick Kennedy

      Unless you are a hard core Panthers fan, no. I do not blame anyone for not getting it. But, many of the Carolina Panthers have taken on a “Super Hero” persona, such as Cam Newton and his Superman celebration (and he has an “S” tattoo). Cam refers to Kuechley as “Captain America”, and Josh Norman calls himself the Dark Knight, as in Batman.

      So, when one of the best (if not THE best) WR in the NFL wears a pair of “Joker” cleats the week before his match up against one of the best (if not THE best) CB in league who likes to think of himself as “Batman”………

      Should be a great match up next week, no matter who you are pulling for.