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Black and Blue Review

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BBR FantasyDraft

Hey, do you know if there are any websites running weekly fantasy leagues?

Yeah, unless you don't watch a second of the NFL, you can't avoid the incessant commercials that make the ads that repeat throughout the NCAA Tournament seem varied.

We’ve actually gotten a fair number of requests from readers asking for a BBR fantasy league but becoming just another spoke in the wheel of a huge site wasn’t all that appealing. Then we connected with the folks at FantasyDraft.

FantasyDraft logo

Before going any further, let me make clear — this is not a sales pitch. It’s something that could be a cool addition to BBR. If it’s not, we’ll pull it.

Anyway, why get involved with FantasyDraft instead of the sites you see on all the commercials?

First of all, it’s a Charlotte startup. The other guys are based out of New York City and Boston.

There are also big advantages to being smaller. Because there are fewer entries, FantasyDraft pays out a higher percentage of players.

The best part is they’ve agreed to create a weekly private tournament for BBR readers. Oh, and it’s free.

Interested in checking it out or ready to get started? Click on the link or read this week's preview below.


Weekly Previews

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